Cascade Dubrovnik

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Ready for moving in by the beginning of summer 2022.

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Superior materials.

All the materials built in are of a higher standard.

An efficient and safe home.

All apartments meet high energy (level A) and safety standards and feature numerous functionalities for modern living.



The residential building is situated on the cadastre plot of land with the total surface of 841 m². The plot is elongated in the direction southwest - northeast, with the anagraphic designation: Pera Bakića 3 (Ilijina glavica), Dubrovnik.

From the building to the Old City, an undisturbed pedestrian access is enabled, taking 10 minutes (Ilijina glavica underpass - Zagrebačka street - Park Baltazara Bogišića / Ulica Pera Budmania street - Pile / western entrance to the Old City).

The road and pedestrian access are enabled from Ulica Pera Bakića street.

The road access is ensured directly from the road to the level of the underground garage within which the traffic at rest solved.

Along the eastern part of the plot, by a single staircase, the pedestrian access to the basement level (the main entrance to the residential part of the structure) is ensured, and further to the ground floor level (the secondary entrance, also a direct access to the swimming pool area).

The number of floors of the structure is: cellar + basement + ground floor + 1 floor + attic.


The structure has the residential purpose with 4 residential units in all and the adequate number of parking places in the underground garage.

At the northern part of the plot, there is an auxiliary structure - a swimming pool with a summer kitchen.

The description of the final arrangement of the interior of the structure

  • The façade walls will be finally executed with the ventilated façade system (with the final layer of high quality ceramic lining, imitation of stone) and partly with finish plasters executed with the connected heat insulation system (ETICS).
  • The entrance area into the building - floor: finishing with first-class ceramic tiles. Staircase: finishing with first-class ceramic tiles
  • The halls on floors - floor: finishing with first-class ceramic tiles
  • The garage: quartz floor
  • The door answering intercom system installation - colour display
  • The elevator - with the carrying capacity up to 630 kg / 8 persons, speed 1.00 m/s, dimensions 110/140/220 cm; type like Ottis GeN2 Flex+
  • The swimming pool: Overflow pool lined with ceramic tiles. Decking around the swimming pool anticipated for sunbathing, executed from ceramic tiles or wooden decking system. Next to the swimming pool, there is an outdoor shower.
  • An outdoor summer kitchen including a barbecue area and water.
  • The surface of the area above the cellar, outside the area of the above ground structure (the southern part of the plot) will be arranged as green surfaces (lawns and low greenery).
  • Cameras at all common entrances to the structure. Possibility of viewing live recordings.
  • The area for household waste disposal: it is ensured within the building plot. The place for disposal is at the cellar level of the structure, in the access part of the garage.